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Desi Bistro 

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A pure vegetarian concept coming from streets of Mumbai. Desi Bistro covers a gamut of North Indian (Punjabi), South Indian, Chaat, Phirangi Khana and a wholesome Thali. Our passionate chefs prepare the “Desi” recipes in a contemporary style. Our tandoor talks, you may be mesmerized by the marination of our kebab platter. The delectable curry meals are served with our mouth-watering tandoori naan or roti, fragrant basmati rice, refreshing mango lassi and gulab jamun. Besides the multiple levels of flavours, Indian spices are well known for their powerful medicinal properties, complementing our efforts to produce scrumptuous and nutritious meals without compromising on taste. We promise to add new items in our menu every now and then and go hand in hand with the Indian festivals.

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Opulent Ambience 

Desi Bistro (Bur Dubai) with a 100 persons seating capacity and a terrace view in the heart of the city is awash with opulent interiors befitting royalty. Ambience oozes oriental splendor coupled with effervescent fragrance. Interiors are dexterously laid out to facilitate any kind of event, corporate or social. Seating facilities are in tune with comfort and luxury. Our flexible seating arrangements also permit any kind of business events over breakfast, lunch and dinner. A creative family atmosphere with characters like Shanti Bhabi, Ramesh Bhai, Chakki, Peter, Pappu, Dadaji and bubbly bua make you feel the presence of your own family back home.


Comfort of our customers is our prime motto. Most of our food outlets offer free Wi-Fi connection facilitating a work from home culture. TV screens at most of our outlets mean people don’t miss out their daily dozes of entertainment or sports matches apart from enjoying a night out.

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